Designed for title companies and real estate attorneys, the Digital Closing Package is an extremely effective post-close marketing service uniquely designed and implemented to do three things:

1. Provides a tangible, unique, and memorable product/service to your clients at closing (a USB Key branded to your title company/law firm that transports clients to a secure and branded website to view closing documents 24 x 7 x 365).

2. Provides repetitive and automated marketing for your title company / real estate law firm to drive you more business by increasing repeat business and referrals.

3. It is full service so the service is extremely easy to roll-out, does not change current business processes, and will only take a few seconds per transaction so you can concentrate on your core business while we do the rest.





Digital Closing Package Website

  • When each of your clients log in, they will enter a site that is branded to your title company or law firm.
  • Your clients can view, save, and print their closing documents 24 x 7 directly from the site.
  • All contact information for you, the real estate agent, and the lender that were involved in the transaction are displayed on the site.
  • The client will receive an e-mail notification each time new documents are uploaded (could be minutes, days, weeks, or months later).

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About Us

DigitalClosingPackage.com is designed and developed by Forensis Technologies, LLC (Forensis). Forensis has been servicing the title industry since 2003 by providing products and services that increase productivity, efficiency, profits, and security for title companies and real estate lawyers.  Throughout the years, Forensis has received numerous awards for document management, including being named #1 in the Daily Business Review’s “Best Of”  for many consecutive years. To learn more about Forensis, please click here.

With the landscape rapidly changing in the title insurance industry, it is important to stand out from the competition and to have an effective post-close marketing system that not only provides results on a consistent basis, but also does all of that while still being easy-to-use, affordable and not time-consuming. Standing on the forefront of cutting-edge technology, DigitalClosingPackage.com is a proven system that will increase market share, profits, and repeat business for your title company or real estate law practice.

In essence, we have one job. That job is to make certain that our product/service brings you more business so that you can grow your title company or law firm to a level that will achieve your goals and objectives. We take this job very seriously.

Contact us today for a complimentary demonstration.  We are committed to excellence and stand ready to serve you.